SOUTHWEST  - The region of greatest diversity of birds in Puerto Rico. Among the available places for birding are: Guanica Dry Forest (Biosphere Reserve), Cabo Rojo Salt Flats, Boqueron Forest, Cartagena Lagoon, mouths of rivers, ponds and others.
Among the endemic birds that are possible are:
Yellow-shouldered BlackbirdAgelaius xanthomus
Adelaide's Warbler - Dendroica adelaidae
Puerto Rican Vireo - Vireo latimeri
Puerto Rican Woodpecker - Melanerpes portoricensis
Puerto Rican Flycatcher - Myiarchus antillarum
Puerto Rican Spindalis - Spindalis portoricensis
Puerto Rican Bullfinch - Loxigilla portoricensis
Puerto Rican NightjarCaprimulgus noctitherus
Puerto Rican Emerald - Chlorostilbon maugaeus
Puerto Rican Tody - Todus mexicanus
Among the birds that might catch your interest are:
West Indian Whistling-Duck - Dendrocygna arborea
Purple Gallinule - Porphyrio martinica
Antillean Euphonia - Euphonia musica
Ruddy Duck - Oxyura jamaicensis
White-cheeked Pintail - Anas bahamensis
Glossy Ibis - Plegadis falcinellus
Caribbean Elaenia - Elaenia martinica
Wilson's Plover - Charadrius wilsonia
Yellow Warbler - Dendroica petechia
Clapper Rail - Rallus longirostris
Caribbean Martin - Progne dominicensis
Troupial - Icterus icterus
Roseate Tern - Sterna dougallii
Least Tern - Sternula antillarum
Forster's Tern - Sterna forsteri (migratory)
Sandwich Tern - Thalasseus sandvicensis
Snowy Plover - Chordeiles gundlachii
Antillean Nighthawk - Chordeiles gundlachii
Indian Silverbill - Lonchura malabarica