Maricao State Forest

MARICAO  - If your goal is to see two of our most sought-after birds by bird watchers, this is the place to visit. The site is habitat for the Puerto Rican subspecies of Sharp-shinned Hawk, is smaller and darker than other races and is on the federal list of endangered species and the Elfin-woods Warbler. 
The scenic views of the place makes it special.
Among the endemic birds that are possible are:
Elfin-woods Warbler - Dendroica angelae
Puerto Rican TanagerNesospingus speculiferus
Puerto Rican Emerald - Chlorostilbon maugaeus
Puerto Rican Vireo - Vireo latimeri
Puerto Rican Toddy - Todus mexicanus
Puerto Rican Woodpecker - Melanerpes portoricensis
Puerto Rican Flycatcher - Myiarchus antillarum
Puerto Rican Lizard-Cuckoo - Coccyzus vieilloti
Puerto Rican Spindalis - Spindalis portoricensis
Puerto Rican Bullfinch - Loxigilla portoricensis
Green Mango - Anthracothorax viridis 
Among the birds that might catch your interest are:

Antillean Euphonia - Euphonia musica* 
Sharp-shinned Hawk - Accipiter striatus venator *
Lesser Antillean Pewee - Contopus latirostris *
Loggerhead Kingbird - Tyrannus caudifasciatus *

* Puerto Rican subspecies